Attitude is a Decision

Attitude Is A Decision!

Attitude is something we all have and it can impact your day in more ways than we realize. I find that my attitude can be influenced by those around me. When people are in a good mood or a happy mood it can be very contagious. One can’t help be in a good mood when those around you are happy.

On the other hand when you are around someone who is depressed, it can be a struggle at times not to get caught up in their depression and be pulled deep inside the hopelessness with them.  Even though I may have a positive attitude it is not always possible to change the attitude of others if they are determined to only focus on the negative aspects in life.

I strive to be a positive person. I read posts on Facebook and save the quotes that mean the most to me. When I find a post that I like, I read it and save it. During the day I think about the special quote and it can resonate throughout my day, keeping me focused on positive thoughts.  I share posts of positive quotes hoping others might find the inspiration to carry them though challenging times.  Many times a post will remind me of something that a friend is going through and I will send that post to encourage them and let them know I am thinking of them.

Everyday when we awake, we have a choice on how our day will begin! You can make the decision to have a good day and focus on all the things in life that you are blessed with. Or you can make the conscious decision to be in a  miserable mood and focus on all the negative things in life.

I choose my Attitude on a daily basis. It impacts my life in many ways. Some days I need to consciously focus and think about the blessings in my life and why a positive attitude will help me survive what is coming my way.  Choosing to be positive doesn’t mean that all day will stay on that track but when the challenges come I can remind myself that I have a choice… A conscious choice on how I will deal with that challenge. Will I let the challenge break me or will I allow it to teach me something and move on?  The choice is mine …and so are the consequences that come with it!




Attitude Is A Decision